Various Plants You Can Choose To Make Your Garden Beautiful

In selecting ornamental plants should not be arbitrary, a mixture of each type of color is needed to form a variety of color factors that show beauty. Moreover, the plants that are in the yard, the various types must have each different use. Pay attention to the capacity of ornamental plants with the yard area. If the plants have the potential to grow large but your yard is small, it will reduce the effect of harmony on the page. In addition to knowing the types of ornamental plants, you also need other supporting ornaments such as yard lights, natural stone, or fish ponds which in fact can enhance the beauty of the home page.

Like fashion trends, ornamental plants also grow every year. If a few years later the wave of love became a status symbol for its owner, now the wave of love is easy to find anywhere at a relatively low price. On the other hand, plants that were once allowed to grow wild are now packaged nicely and become the prey of ornamental plant lovers.

1. Yellow Bamboo

Ornamental bamboo plants native to China and Japan are very beautiful to be planted in a row along the entrance to the house. In addition, bamboo with dark yellow stem color will reduce the impression of stiffness when juxtaposed in a large room. Yellow bamboo can reach 4-9 meters in size with a trunk diameter of 8 centimeters. Bamboo with the Latin name Phyllostachys sulphurea has green leaves 12 centimeters long and 2 centimeters wide. But actually there are a variety of yellow bamboo, namely big yellow bamboo and mini yellow bamboo. If you plant in groups, then you will get a hedge of green leaves combined with golden yellow stems. You need to know that not only as a yard decoration plant, yellow bamboo also has benefits and benefits for health.

2. Bamboo Japan

Chimonobambusa quadrangularis is almost uniform with yellow bamboo. Japanese bamboo is also often used as a natural fence in the yard. Bamboo with copper patterned stems can grow up to 10 meters. Green leaves with parallel bones measuring 5-15 centimeters in length and 2 centimeters in width. Apart from making fences, this beautiful bamboo can also be planted between the rocks on the edge of the pond.

3. Bonsai tamarind

Tamarindus indica or better known as Tamarind is now starting to appear on the home page. Not only used as an ornamental plant in its original form, tamarind with a sturdy stem is also often used as a bonsai. This plant produces sour fruit wrapped in a brown shell as long as 10 centimeters. The size of the plant can reach 25 meters with small leaves that taste sour too.

4. Banyan

Tropical plants of the Moraceae family can grow to a large size. The base of the hanging flower dangles between the green leaves. Baningin can grow well with sunlight and adequate water reserves. Plants with the other name Weeping fig are planted by humans to display the beauty of the weevil shape. Not infrequently this plant is also packaged in a dwarf form.

5. Dragon tree

Dragon tree is very interesting to fill the corner of the page. There is a belief that the dark red resin that oozes from the leaves and stems is dragon blood. The leaves themselves are sword-shaped, thick, with a smooth surface patterned with green and blue and develop at the top of the plant.

6. Bougainvillea

This ornamental plant among flowers is very well known. Its beauty lies in the veil of bright patterned clustered flowers. The majority of people think that the veil is a flower, in fact a very small bougenvil flower is located in the middle of the veil. Obviously it will give a change if it is planted among the green leaves.

7. Furcraea

Furcraea gigantea is a tropical plant from Brazil. Leaves like a sword with a sharp point like a thorn. Bright green leaves have longitudinal stripes and are open stacked. Almost all parts of this plant are leaves, because the stem is covered by the wide leaves. Furcraea can stand nicely in a group or planted in person.

8. Stem Cactus

Not only mini cacti which are often placed on the guest table, stem cactus is no less beautiful to decorate the home page. Cactus with another name Hercules Club can grow up to 10 meters. Thick stems angled 5 or 6 with apex of the angle there are blackish spines. But be careful when you choose to plant it because the sap has toxins. For that position this thorny plant among other plants or on the edge of the pond. So you will get the beautiful side of the stem cactus comfortably.

9. Pine

Japanese black pine or pine is often used as a dwarf plant material. Pines can reach a height of 30 meters. The leaves have a small appearance like a stick with a length of 6-18 centimeters. Pinus has small fruit with scales similar to salak. Large plants are planted in a row along the entrance as a guide. If they have been built and trimmed beautifully, pines can be planted singly or in groups on a Japanese-concept yard.