How to Keep the Yard Clean

The yard of the house is open land which is usually found in front, side or back of the house. This part of the house is made with the aim of adding beauty, preventing dust from entering the house, and providing fresh air. A yard that is always kept clean can make the occupants of the house live healthier lives. Therefore, it is important to always keep the yard clean. Here are some ways to keep the yard clean:


1. Sweeping the Yard

Having a yard filled with plants can make your yard dirty quickly. This is due to the large number of fresh leaves to dry leaves that fall to the ground. Apart from leaf litter, there could also be plastic waste there. Therefore, you must regularly sweep it.

2. Cleaning the Water Ditch

Water gutters that are not cleaned regularly can cause clogged water. So, when it rains it can cause stagnant water which can cause flooding into the house. In the water ditches sometimes there is leaf litter or plastic waste which causes the water flow to be blocked so that the water cannot flow smoothly.

3. Clean up puddles

These puddles can be found at the bottom of the pot with a base, plant racks, and trash cans. This standing water can cause mosquitoes to nest and lay eggs. Thus, causing many mosquitoes with dengue fever to malaria. You can clean standing water by removing stagnant water and wiping it.

4. Arrange Ornamental Plants Neatly

Plants that are not arranged neatly can cause the yard to become messy and not properly maintained. Tidy up the plant pots using a plant rack. If there are no plant racks, you can arrange them according to the size of the plants. So, plants that are large in size can be placed near the fence or wall of the house. Meanwhile, plants that are smaller in size can be placed near the terrace or side of the house.

5. Flush Plants Routinely

In addition to arranging the plants neatly, you can also water the plants regularly. Plants also need to be watered regularly so they can thrive. Lush plants can make your home look more beautiful. If the plants are not watered regularly, the leaves of the plants can turn yellow causing the plants to rot to death. Rotten and dead plants will disturb the cleanliness of the home garden. Not only watering it, plants must also be fertilized regularly so that they grow more fertile and healthy.