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It is close to Malang City Hall and some other governmental and first public companies. The station is regularly referred to as as the Malang Kotabaru Station to differentiate it from Malang Kotalama Station which is located in Sukun, South Malang. There can be a small prepare station, Blimbing situated in Blimbing, North Malang which is strategically positioned near 5 and four-star resorts and the city’s business and commercial district.

The provincial authorities has a hospital of kind A, the Dr. Saiful Anwar Regional General Hospital, while the city government has a smaller hospital, the Malang Regional General Hospital. Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport is positioned closer to town middle. This airport connects the town to domestic cities to Jakarta and Denpasar.

To mark the occasion, numerous monuments and memorials were constructed that symbolized necessary historical events. Historic events, especially the wrestle for independence which has essentially the most monuments. The metropolis is house to Arema FC, a popular soccer membership in Indonesia which is also recognized in the AFC for its internationally acclaimed achievements. This is supported by the main target of the town budget carried out by the municipal authorities. In Malang, there are lots of of hospitals, clinics, Puskesmas , Posyandu , and other health companies. Provincial and municipal governments have hospitals in this city.

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The other airport is Juanda International Airport in Sidoarjo Regency which is positioned ninety six km from town middle and serves each International and Domestic flights. Both airports can be accessed by bus, taxis and travel cabs. The Malang Station, positioned within the centre of Malang, is the main railway station of the town and serves 832,181 passengers with the number reaching 5 thousand folks per day on the mudik of 2017. The station is the most important railway station in Malang and connects Malang with other main cities in Indonesia such as Surabaya, Bandung, and Jakarta.

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In addition, rapid economic growth was contributed by MSMEs, industry and trade. This may be proved by the high role of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the economic system. The city authorities continues to encourage the event of MSMEs, amongst them by holding various expos and festivals. In addition to MSMEs, purposes and digital video games have been made subsectors of the application of creative financial system. Indirectly, this inventive economic system additionally increases the human development of Malang City.

Malang has a developed and diverse economic system and can also be an financial area highlighted by the East Java Provincial Government. GRDP per capita of Malang City, which is 66,758,1 hundred thousand rupiahs is the sixth largest in East Java, after Pasuruan Regency. Malang has about 6,000 unemployed people with an open unemployment fee of seven.28%. The economic system of Malang is supported by various sectors, together with trade, services, trade, and tourism. Trade contributed essentially the most, with 29.53% of the whole GRDP of Malang City.